1. "Weather Station Wirelessly Connected to Wunderground"

    The Wimp is a personal weather station that uses the weather shield along with an Electric Imp to push live weather data up to Wunderground. You can help increase the accuracy and prediction of weather by adding a weather meter to your house! But why buy an off-the-shelf system when you can build you own? For around $250 you can build a cutting edge open source station that you have complete control over! All you need is a pile of parts and access to a Wifi network.

    Looks cool!

  2. I stumbled across this film trailer on vimeo and it immediately caught my attention. From the trailer, it appears that at least one farmer was interviewed.

  3. Dr. Norman Borlaug - “Father of the Green Revolution”



    March 25, 2014 marks the 100th birthday of Dr. Norman Borlaug (1914-2009) who is widely recognized as the Father of the Green Revolution and leader of the 21st century movement to solve the world’s hunger issues through scientific development and implementation.

    Check out our infographic timeline of Borlaug’s life at ow.ly/uUaId.

  4. Information is only of value if you can get it to people who can do something with it. Sharing is power.

    General Stanley McChrystal at TED 2014. McChrystal’s memoir, My Share of the Task, is a magnificent read. 

    Nearly seven decades earlier, Vannevar Bush made an eloquent case for the same concept in his seminal essay “As We May Think.” 

    (via explore-blog)

  5. New Matter… next-generation of materials moving us closer to nature.

  6. amexopenforum:

    "Everyone has a great idea, we all do," says Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of the online community platfrom and viral content discovery tool. “The way I like to think about it was in the Industrial Revolution, if you wanted to change the world you had to open a factory. In the Internet revolution, you only need to open a laptop.”

    Ohanian spoke with J.J. Ramburg about executing an idea and focusing on a product in this great video.

    It is not the idea, it is the execution.  Boom.