1. cloudcartel:

    #Think | Think Small to Solve Big Problems, with Stephen Dubner

  2. Oxitec: the Oxford business genetically engineering a dead end for mosquitos - Blue and Green Tomorrow

  3. Got any ink? Cows and tattoos


    Tattoos aren’t just for people; cows get them too.

    How it’s done


    First, the ear is cleaned out with rubbing alcohol on a paper towel to protect from infection.

    After, the tattoo gun is prepared by putting in the desired combination of letters and numbers. These figures are made out of…

  4. Fair Oaks Farms “Poo Power”

  5. Not All GMOs Are Created Equal - Meat and Potatoes

    I praise GMOs; Lindsay and I find common ground with Golden Rice.

  6. generalelectric:

    Sheep and GE wind turbines co-exist in Turkey at the Sares Facility, where land is shared with local sheep farmers. 

  7. Success is feeling good about the work you do throughout the long, unheralded journey that may or may not wind up at the launch pad. You can’t view training solely as a stepping stone to something loftier. It’s got to be an end in itself.

    Col. Chris Hadfield, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

    This book is FASCINATING, and so packed with smart ideas about how we should think about work and define success. Hadfield’s career is a great illustration of how “work hard and become really good at what you do” is a better path to finding a job you love than the old “follow your passion” trope. Oh, and it has space travel too. 

    (via wilwheaton)

    (via wilwheaton)

  8. Grocers Sue Over GMO Food Label Law


    The Grocery Manufacturers Association and other industry groups are challenging a new Vermont law in a federal court. The law requires the labeling of food made with genetically modified organisms.

    The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Burlington, had been expected since Gov. Peter Shumlin…

    Companies provide information on their foods with labels such as certified organic and GMO-free. These are voluntary efforts that already accomplish the same thing as this law, correct? -AK